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  • 12 years ago | Lists

    “Examining lists means playing with the re-creation of history.” —Peter Greenaway 1. Lost in the Grooves: Scram’s Capricious Guide to the Music You Missed, edited by Kim Cooper and David Smay (Routledge) This illuminating A...

  • 13 years ago | Books

    Following the death of his son in a high school shooting, Neil Downs travels from New York City to New Delhi. Transformed from trauma doctor to bereaved wanderer, Downs encounters others seeking acceptance and transcendence in the wake of their ow...

  • 13 years ago
  • 13 years ago | Lists

    Here are the best 10 portraits of the politicians, performers and provocateurs, living and dead, published in the newspapers and magazines of the past year: Steve Erickson on George W. Bush, "George Bush and the Treacherous Country," L.A. Weekly (...

  • 13 years ago | Lists

    5. Created In Darkness By Troubled Americans: The Best of McSweeney’s Humor Category, edited by Dave Eggers, Kevin Shay, Lee Epstein, John Warner and Suzanne Kleid (Knopf). This collection of short comic pieces from McSweeney’s magazine ...

  • 13 years ago | Books

    David Ohle’s 1972 cult novel Motorman has been acknowledged as an underground primer by such experimental authors as Ben Marcus, who wrote the introduction to the new 2004 reprint, and Shelley Jackson. The exuberantly surreal narrative defies...


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