• @myso_callife
    4 September, 2015

    @nicklucchesi Ah! Congrats! Very cool.

  • @myso_callife
    26 August, 2015

    You think Trader Joe's parking lot couldn't get worse and then you show up to find 75% of it closed for paving and a man playing a recorder.

  • @myso_callife
    24 August, 2015

    RT @DVERandy: Trumpbutter http://t.co/QIc1pD3C3g

  • @myso_callife
    5 July, 2015

    How long are we supposed to tolerate this waist trainer movement before we blow the whistle?

  • @myso_callife
    30 June, 2015

    I'm watching #SYTYCD purely for the Paula claps.


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