Young Creatures

“I fear all the things that I can’t control, from the darkest night to the open road,” Mike Post confesses on Young Creatures’ debut album, Fear All the Things. He sings with a sense of wonder in a clear, hopeful voice, as lead guitarist Andrew Gleason surrounds him with a haze of fuzzy solos and ringing chords. The local quartet tend to start their indie-rock songs with simple melodic structures before culminating in surges of heavier psychedelic power and traces of shoegazer mystery. “I am a foreigner in my homeland,” Post declares, but Gleason’s Cure-like guitar jangle keeps the mood ebulliently sunny. Choppy stop-and-start chords break up the mood on tracks such as “Once in Your Life” and “Lionheart,” as Post muses about love in L.A
Mon., Feb. 2, 8 p.m., 2015 (Expired: 02/02/15)


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