Wyatt Blair

Wyatt Blair’s full-length Banana Cream Dream (Lolipop/Burger) is an absolute local classic — maybe even a natural wonder? Because it sure makes you appreciate the world in a new way. It’s power-pop in its purest form, with hook after inspired hook and the kind of personality that can’t be contained by a simple cassette tape. At their best, these 11 songs hit the high points set by The Quick, The Exploding Hearts, King Tuff, Milk N Cookies, Shoes and genre mastermind Darin Raffaelli, whose late-’90s discography laid the foundation for plenty of garage-rock bands out there today. (Just as vital: Blair’s collab track with the much-missed Pop Zeus.) Anybody who likes Burger and Lolipop — or who even just likes burgers and lollipops — needs this locked in their tape deck.
Fri., Jan. 23, 9 p.m., 2015 (Expired: 01/23/15)


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