Weekly Literary Supplement

Weekly Literary Supplement: Summer Reading

Sticks and Bones: CLAIRE MESSUD on Donald Antrim’s anti-redemptionist memoir.

The L.A. Word: BRENDAN BERNHARD on A.M. Homes away from home.

New fiction from T.C. BOYLE's upcoming book, Talk Talk.

It's a Bad Bad Bad Bad World: NATHAN IHARA on selling tomorrow in The Futurist.

The Spider and the Wasp: MEHAMMED MACK talks with John Updike about his Terrorist.

Timothy Liar: LEWIS MacADAMS on the new Timothy Leary biography.

Graphic Oddballs: DOUG HARVEY on unknown comic visionaries in Art Out of Time.

JIM RULAND on Lost’s classic, Flann O Brien's The Third Policeman.

Hans and Fooligans: BRENDAN BERNHARD on a literary guide to the World Cup.

The Beaver Trap: DAVE SHULMAN on Allan MacDonell’s Prisoner of X, recounting his decades at Hustler.


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