Wake Up, Little Bruisey

Okay, I give up. I gave up swing dancing for the only-in-L.A. combo platter of Mexican masked wrestling and burlesque dancing. Now it's roller derby that's taken the hip kids by storm. How is going to the roller derby like attending the Renaissance Faire? Well, both are events where an audience pays to watch participants engage in their hobby. Except at the L.A. Derby Dolls, you may see Drew Barrymore, who directed a movie on the topic. Here's another idea --start your own roller derby and make your own movie. And get Blaine Capatch to be the comic/emcee Says host/comic Blaine Capatch: "It's roller derby action coming at you so fast you won't have time to tweet! The derby dolls put sports and irony in a jar and shake it until theystart fighting. Who wins? YOU."
Sat., Aug. 29, 6 p.m., 2009


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