Black Friday is my idea of hell. I would rather pay more money to have less people in my way while I shop. Who are all these people who get up at 3 am to buy dusty DVDs and discount bedding? I fear them, I don't even want to share the roads with them. Black Friday is a dangerous day so I did what any self-preservationist would- I avoided leaving my house ALL weekend.  I pulled a Garbo. I had enough leftovers to last me for days, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, greens, pies, and wine, lot's of wine. All thanks to my fabulous guests (fellow council members and friends) who came and contributed to my first ever non-family thanksgiving dinner and witnessed my first turkey. I am truly thankful for them, they so generously enabled this sublime shut-in. A full evening that ended in singing Bon Jovi till 2 am was a nice send-off into reclusivity.

I admit, at times, it felt a little like Last Days as I played guitar (I learned Beck's Lost Cause) and slipped through my house in wool socks and a bathrobe, eating cold turkey carcass, but with the roommates gone for the holiday, there was also a bit of celebrating having the whole place to myself, picture a Risky Business floor-slide-to-couch dance in my socks but replace Ol' Time Rock n' Roll with an Arcade Fire song. Passing out naked in the mid-afternoon heat on a chaise lounge can simply be described as glorious. One night I actually slept outside on a couch in my lanai with my dog, under a crisp sky and warm blankets. You can't do that in New York in November!  I missed my family but I was pretty happy.  And you know, although I also missed joining in the mayhem of a post-holiday Los Angeles weekend, I imagined Boo Radley singing to himself, or JD Salinger plucking his guitar, and maybe even Howard Hughes kicking up his socks and for a moment completely understood the beauty of self-imposed exiles... Of course if I start saving jars of my own piss, I do hope someone would come and save me.

Posted by Linda Immediato

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