Top 5 Style Trends at Thread Show L.A.

Sweet designs from Honey My Heart

Lina LecaroSweet designs from Honey My Heart

The thrill of the shopping score is made all the more gratifying when it's something not-mass produced but lovingly created by fashion-forward designers and style makers. If it was made locally, all the better. This is the thrust at Thread Show, a showcase of curated vendors featuring everything from crafty accessories to clothing to jewelry...lots and lots of jewelry.

There was plenty to look at inside the Cooper Design building in downtown where Thread held its L.A. event (part of a month-long tour) and it went beyond the wares being sold: a full nail bar, hair makeovers, live art, DJs and drinks, food and freebies, massages for weary leg and arm muscles (as Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw once said, "Shopping is my cardio").

There was even a "Man Cave" for bored boyfriends and bought-out hubbies, though there weren't too many of those. A few of our favorite Thread things can be found on

Checking out events like Thread is great for style mongers. After all, it's the stuff that designers such as these conjure and wear out in the street that ultimately influence what the masses at the mall will see.

It's cool to influence what people are wearing, sure, but it can be frustrating as well, what with hipster-geared retailers (we won't say the names but they end with "Topic," "Outfitters" and "21") simply copying the ideas and having them made on the cheap. It's no wonder some designers did not want us shooting their creations.

Still, many were happy to show off their hot looks. After combing through every unique display and rack, here, we offer our Top Five Style Trends at Thread Show L.A.. Click links to see more on individual designers.

Bela Koi's anything but rough cuffs.

Lina LecaroBela Koi's anything but rough cuffs.

5. Girly-Girls - Hearts, flowers, bows and cameos...forget about edgy, new wavey or androgynous. When it comes to jewelry (by far the most popular items at Thread), it's all about feminine doll-like items with an old-timey flair. Lines working this look: Bela Koi and Honey My Heart.

Hair feathers are for the birds

Lina LecaroHair feathers are for the birds

4. Feathers - Nope, it's not over yet. Feathers are still flying high in earrings, hairpieces and even necklaces. Big Bird boho style is here to stay, at least throuugh summer. Here, Mystic Loop Hair Jewelry.

Thread's "Man Cave."

Lina LecaroThread's "Man Cave."

3. Novel ideas/statements - Jean Jewels. Scrabble letters as monogrammed rings. Art Kills Artists' provocative t-shirts.

Rock this Felt Up frock with pride.

Lina LecaroRock this Felt Up frock with pride.

2. Cartoon character chic - The most fun booth at Thread hands down was Felt Up, a mash of colorful dresses, bags and accessories with whimsically cartoony vibe. Felt is indeed a major fabric here along with yarn and sequins. We could definitely see Katy Perry or Gaga rocking their hamburger dress and birthday cake dress, and we almost bought their "No H8" number. It was Gay Pride Weekend after all.

Outside the Cooper building, young fashion fiend get ready to pounce.

Lina LecaroOutside the Cooper building, young fashion fiend get ready to pounce.

1. Recycled - There was plenty of new designs on display but the concept we liked best was that of House Party Swap n' Shop, which takes the idea of trading with your friends to a functional new level. People brought unwanted (but cute) clothes and swapped 'em, simple as that. Because one gal's trashy will always be some other gal's trendy.

See for info on other Thread events, including pop-ups during Downtown Artwalk.