Top 10 Gay Bars in Los Angeles

Gay nightlife in Los Angeles might seem like it's separated into two distinct camps -- WeHo on one side and Silver Lake on the other -- but the truth is, plenty of queer and queer-loving crowds hit both, thanks to promoters offering parties on both sides of town.

Cliches about the Westside being superficial and too twinky/queeny, or the East being all inked-up bear types, might be valid some nights, but there's so much going on these days, and so much cross-pollination of preferences, that the generalities don't hold up so much anymore. There are tons of fun, gay, bi, polysexual parties that happen all over town (Mr. Black and Tigerheat in Hollywood, A Club Called Rhonda and Mustache Mondays downtown). There ain't much difference between a gay "bar" and gay "club" in Los Angeles. After all, dancing, drinking and cruising goes down at both, so the following venue list includes a mixture, though super-big clubs were left out.

And speaking of mixtures, all of the following -- especially the establishments near the top of the list -- are homo hubs that also happen to be fairly straight-friendly, on most nights. Indeed, inside these lively L.A. hangouts, "gay" usually does mean happy.

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10. The Faultline

Top 10 Gay Bars in Los Angeles
Robert Sakatani

Hairy is hot and big is best at the Faultline, but despite these preferences, the guys here don't really discriminate. The self-proclaimed "leather bar" offers parties with name likes "D.I.L.F." (Dads I'd Like to F***), Ruff Haus and Big Bad Wolf, to name a few. Mario Diaz (a name that will appear on this list a few times) hosts a bodacious buff-boy bash called Brutus and Sundays serve up the bar's infamous, ball-buster beer busts.

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