The Sloths

The Sloths, who began life as teen rockers on the Sunset Strip circa 1966, represent an unlikely anomaly in Los Angeles’ time-space–big beat continuum. Broken up by 1967, their sole surviving 45, “Makin’ Love,” took on a life of its own. After one copy sold for more than $6,500 a few years ago, it ignited a spark leading to the band’s resurrection. They ain’t doing it for the dough; today, every performance by The Sloths is a reliably electrifying display of tore-up R&B with a roaring, psych-pop twist. With a brand-new album (finally!) coming out on Burger Records, The Sloths never skimp: “We’re not gonna roll up in wheelchairs and do this half-assed,” vocalist Tommy McLoughlin says. “We’re gonna go the full route and knock ourselves out.”
Thu., Feb. 12, 9 p.m., 2015 (Expired: 02/12/15)


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