The Far West

L.A.'s Far West have their share of fast songs and slow songs and good old-fashioned tell-me-a-story songs, but this country-rock quintet may be at their best on their sad songs, at least on new album Any Day Now. Singer-guitarist Lee Briante has a certain John Prine - ian rasp to his voice; "Walk Light on This Poor Heart" isn't far from Prine's heartbroke "Rocky Mountain Time." And he's got some of Prine or Terry Allen's cut-to-the-bone wit: "I'm sorry I'm askin' your forgiveness," from "Words From a Letter," is exactly the kind of paradox that makes perfect sense after a few whiskeys. When they rev up, Far West recall any number of the '70s cosmic cowboy rockers, particularly the underrated Elliott Murphy. But when they break down, well ... that's the real good stuff.
Sun., May 4, 3 p.m., 2014 (Expired: 05/04/14)


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