Stage Raw: Wednesday in Wroclaw

Stage Raw: Wednesday in Wroclaw

Song of the Goat's Macbeth
Photo by Bartlomiej Sowa

The legendary Russian theater director Anatoly Vassiliev of the

Moscow Drama Theater put in an appearance in Wroclaw, Poland for the

Stanislavsky Festival yesterday. He spoke on a theme that's been

bouncing around in conversations about theater throughout the city - the quality and purpose of voice. That

topic was also addressed by the Polish companies, Theater ZAR, which is

coming to UCLA Live December 1-3, and the company Song of the Goat, which was in

L.A. in 2005 with a piece called Chronicles - A Lamentation

Both companies presented works this week in Wroclaw, Poland, in

brick-walled venues with vaulted ceilings that, in considerably used candlelight and sculpted shafts of traditional lighting design, had the distinct aura of

a church. Both productions pushed the limits of theater's music-dance

spectacle equation. Song of the Goat turned Shakespeare's Macbeth into a

kind of oratory, sung in the liturgical style of Gregorian chants

employing music from ancient Albania. Meanwhile, the barefoot actors

engaged in choreographed fights with wooden sticks wielded like small

batons, that would slam into the ground for contrapuntal rhythms. The

event - skimming the narrative of Shakespeare's play -- took just over

an hour. The first twenty-minutes was a ravishingly beautiful crescendo

of the macabre murders by Macbeth and Lady M -- and Macbeth's subsequent, paranoid hauntings by the dead --  juxtaposed against the etherial music that rose

steadily in tension. The event then settled into a more constant

tonality that lent the feeling and perhaps the literal spectacle of

going through the motions. The piece is still early in its development.


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