Stage Raw: The Redemption of Mrs. Satan

Stage Raw: The Redemption of Mrs. Satan

Shakespeare's history play is being performed at Theatricum Botanicum, and is one of the plays scheduled for review this weekend. Photo by Ian Flanders

Also scheduled for review: Paul Grellong's Manuscript at the Elephant Space Theater, presented by Tall Blonde Productions; VS. Theater Company's production of Adam Rapp's Blackbird, at the Elephant Theater Lab; Ralph Harris' MANish BOY at Stella Adler Theater; Tiffany Black's I'm an Actor, They Don't Get It, at Hollywood's Tre Stage; Eric Coble's black comedy, Bright Ideas, at International City Theatre in Long Beach; Jeff Baron's Visting Mr. Green at the Colony Theater in Burbank; Lanford Wilson's Burn This, at The Complex; and Marsha Norman's Getting Out, at the Lyric Hyperion in Silver Lake, presented by From the Ground Up Theatre.

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