Stage Raw: Responses to the New Year Theater Quiz!

Stage Raw: Responses to the New Year Theater Quiz!

Vince Melocchi's new play, Julia, at Pacific Resident Theatre,  has bee extended until the end of time. When time does finally end, you'll read about it here first. Photo by Alex Moy

THE STAGE RAW NEW YEAR THEATER QUIZ drew hundreds of thousands of responses from all corners of the globe -- from Tierra del Fuego to Oxnard to Tauranga, New Zealand. I promised I'd post winners in early January, and it's taken me and my diligent staff all week to pore over and evaluate the 497,677 responses. That process is now grinding up to its highly anticipated finale. I'll post one annotated response every week, because everybody who plays is a winner. By my calculations, that should take about 9,570 years. Can this quiz sustain the test of time?
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