Stage Raw: L.A.'s Fringe Fest Coming in 2010

Stage Raw: L.A.'s Fringe Fest Coming in 2010

Alretha Thomas' play continues this weekend at the Imagined Life Theatre. Photo courtesy of Imagined Life Theatre


Can L.A. handle a Fringe theater festival? The geographic/cultural/psychic impediments undid L.A.'s Edge of the World Theater Festival in a town already saturated with content, and not enough audiences. But New York is even more saturated that we are, and they have a sustainable Fringe-fest that's both an audience magnet and launch pad for some of the shows that appear there.

Hollywood Fringe has announced dates of June 17-27, 2010 for another try in L.A. Plans are still being formulated, and we're watching with interest, and hope.

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