Stage Raw: Labor Theater

Stage Raw: Labor Theater

This week's NEW THEATER REVIEWS are embedded within the current COMPREHENSIVE THEATER LISTINGS; Also,  see this THEATER FEATURE on the principal creators of the Wooster Group's sci-fi opera, La Didone coming to REDCAT

The Tony Awards are this Sunday, being broadcast 8 p.m. on CBS, Eastern and Pacific Time. Don't look for any of the designer or choreography noms to be broadcast; they're just not interesting enough for the Network.

Stage Raw: Labor Theater

Cornerstone Theater Company presents a new tour by Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras (Day Laborer Theater Without Borders), featuring performances at day labor sites on Monday, June 15 and Tuesday, June 16. The project of creating a sustainable, independent theater troupe by and for day laborers and domestic workers has been made possible by funding from the Ford Foundation. Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Theater Company

Monday, June 15, 9 a.m.: Carecen Job Center,1675 Wilshire Blvd. 90017

Tuesday, June 16, 9 a.m.: Hollywood Job Center, 5569 W. DeLongpre Ave. 90028)

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David Mamet's Oleanna featuring Bill Pullman and Julia Styles at the Mark Taper Forum; Cymbeline (appeared on this blog last week, will be in print on Thursday) at Theatricum Botanicum: The Little Foxes (appeared on this blog last week, will be in print on Thursday); Cornerstone's L.A. River drama by Julie Hebert, Touch the Water; Adam Rapp's Bingo With the Indians, presented by Rogue Machine; S. Claus' new '70s musical, Ectasy, The Musical, Theatre Planners at Art/Works Theatre;  Jaqueline Wright's Love Water at Open Fist Theatre (co-produced with Ensemble Studio Theatre -- the L.A. Project); the West Coast premiere of Schoolhouse Rock Live Too at Greenway Court Alliance; Eva Anderson's  Stranger at Bootleg, the world premiere of Stephen Belber's The Muscles in our Toes; and Andrew Moore's Tracing Sonny presented by Theatre Unleashed at the Avery Shreiber Theatre.

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