Stage Raw: Introducing Mr. Merkin

Stage Raw: Introducing Mr. Merkin

Mr. Merkin, writing his theater review of a production in Chicago, from the vantage of Wroclaw, Poland

Stage Raw is happy to welcome guest blogger/theater critic Mr. Merkin, whom we met in Wroclaw, Poland. An American exp-pat living in Warsaw, he will post his first column next week. Mr. Merkin has written for The Drama Review, The New York Times, The Village Voice and London's Theatre Quarterly. He will be covering shows being performed in Los Angeles, as well as across the United States and Western Europe - all from his home in Warsaw.    

Mr. Merkin was unceremoniously dumped from all of the above-named outlets on the heels of unsubstantiated rumors of plagiarism and fraud - an unfortunate misunderstanding, as Mr Merkin makes no apologies for his radical approach to arts reporting that obviously poses a threat to  mainstream  and academic presses. Even the shoplifting charge made against Mr. Merkin by a disreputable erotica boutique in Gdansk was eventually dropped, so he's been vindicated on every legal and ethical front..

For more on Mr. Merkin, plus more images of from Wroclaw, press the Continue Reading tab directly below.


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