Slime, the toy: Now With "Elegance" Aroma

Remember Slime? Before Nickelodeon cornered the market on slime, the gooey substance was available as a toy made in the late 1970s by Mattel. It came in a little plastic trash can with or without eyeballs, worms, or tadpoles. It was heavenly. It was one of those toys that should never have been taken out of production. Nickelodeon apparently brought it back into production at some point, which you can read about at this blog here. Now, it is available as aroma "Elegance Slime," from Japan (where else).

Slime, the toy: Now With "Elegance" Aroma

As for WHY you'd need slime to be elegant, well...that I just don't know. This is the old O.G. slime:

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