Santa, That's Not a Chimney!

Santa, That's Not a Chimney!

I went to Metal Skool at the Key Club again last night. I've had three hours sleep and feel like an Anne Rice vampire with a hair band fetish. I knew Lina was DJ'ing in the VIP room and then I got a message from the lead singer of the Towers of London (who I had played Pamela Des Barres too a while back) to come out and meet them (the towers are going to be on the Mighty Morning Show this morning from 8-10 am).  One problem, when we heard from them, they were partying in Silverlake— I was all set to cut class at Metal Skool,  skip out early , and meet them, when Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson showed up! That's Pam in a sexy Santa outfit, she danced on a stripper pole, while Tommy played the drums and afterwards they appeared to be quite comfortable playing Santa at a corner table upstairs, but as comfortable as I was when I sat on his lap during fashion week? Uh, yes, I'd say more comfortable, and I was slightly heartbroken, but it was refreshing to see them together again, in a way. We are living in the days of "Team Jolie, Team Aniston," it gave me some hope to see a couple who has survived domestic violence, addiction and Hepatitis C. And you know what this could mean... another sex tape is not out of the question...

Santa, That's Not a Chimney!

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