Raise Your Arms, Flick Your Bic, and Close Your Eyes

If concert ticket prices have kept you at home this recession summer, skip the ATM and head on down to Long Beach's totally free Battle of the Tribute Bands. No Duh is no No Doubt, but they're a reasonable facsimile for the price, as are The Cured, Hollywood U2, and Rolling Stones cover band Satisfaction. Competing with them for actual cash prizes are Vitalogy (Pearl Jam), The Rising (Bruce Springsteen) and Stepping Feet (a Dave Matthews Band tribute, which begs the question "WHY?"). You'll still have to pay for the butter pecan ice cream and "powdered sugar fried dough" on offer, but you likely won't get through this mockery without them.
Sat., July 25, 1-5 p.m., 2009


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