Outta Site

After decades as the gold standard for site-specific choreography in L.A., Heidi Duckler's Collage Dance Theatre has deleted "Collage" and now is simply Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre. Lately, art galleries and the duplicitous mores of the 1960s as captured by TV's Mad Men have caught the attention of Duckler and her ensemble of dancers, writers, musicians and actors. The troupe explores these elements in A Trace of Lipstick. A Q&A with Duckler opens the show, along with a demonstration of the type of compositional activities employed to develop site-specific choreography. Lending a voyeuristic element, the performance itself will have the audience surrounding the performers, who include Pamela Debiase, Marissa Labog, Rawbzilla, Carlos Rodriguez and Joe Schenck.
Fri., March 25, 4-6 p.m., 2011


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