The essence of intergenerational scorn is that the youth of today seem inescapably self-involved, emotionally mixed up and shut down. But like harpies on a tortured soul, perceptions like these will hound you for eternity and make you old if you let them. To the contrary: Fuck Yeah Fest presents the L.A. Scavenger Hunt-- an event, founder Sean Carlson promises, "that has nothing to do with music but everything to do with being with your friends outdoors all day, doing something for a good cause and having a good time." The good cause: gathering material goods for L.A.'s Union Rescue Mission and the L.A. Food Bank. More than 5,000 are expected to scavenge 100 items, each of which is assigned a point value; naturally, the team with the most points wins. Some of the more audacious items from past hunts: life-size cutout of Eazy-E, a gay porno magazine pre-1987 (RIP Drummer Magazine founder John Embry) and cornrow dos for all team members. An L.A. tradition since 2005, the scavenger hunt is a departure from the usual getting-and-spending associated with this time of year, a slightly more epic expression of charity than the spare change you give to ol' Sandman at the 7-Eleven.
Sat., Dec. 4, 2 p.m., 2010


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