Must See Art

Michele OMarah, Valley Girl (2006)

Performance/Film/Video at Daniel Hug

Catch this opportunity to see Michele O’Marah’s film Valley Girl, which happens to be one of my favorite recent artworks. O’Marah cast friends, artists and actors to re-create this feature-length movie, scene by scene. The big surprise is that it’s riveting, especially if you are a fan of the original, and this reinvestigation of adolescence and growing up in SoCal in the 1980s is as painful and poignant as it ever was, but it has more of a psychological twist, with adults playing angsty teens in handmade cardboard sets. This screening is part of a two-week series that includes a performance by Jill Spector (March 15), Una Szeemann’s film Montewood Hollyverita, starring Lawrence Weiner, Paul McCarthy, Jason Rhoades and Udo Kier (March 16), and a Matt Fishbeck musical performance (March 18). All screenings and performances start at 7 p.m., so be sure to arrive early, as there is limited space.

510 Bernard St., Chinatown | (323) 221-0016 | | Through March 18

Keltie Ferris, “Boy Genius” at Kinkead Contemporary

For her first solo show since recently graduating from the Yale MFA program, Keltie Ferris created seven out of the eight pieces in the show while living and working in the gallery during a short four-week residency. Using spray paint as a final layer over acrylic and oil gives her work the effect of illuminated celestial formations. Some are masklike portraits named Mario or Baker with gaping eyeholes in the center of the canvas; other titles and works are slightly more abstract, such as Puccini for Beginners, a pink painting covered with a white blobby maze out of which comes a rainbow. Where things really start to get interesting is when Ferris starts to merge her two approaches, and through a dizzying array of glowing color, two tear-shaped eyes emerge.

6029 Washington Blvd., Culver City | (310) 838-7400 | | Through April 14

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