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Nathan Hylden’s “Again and As If to Begin” at Richard Telles Fine ArtRichard Telles hosts local artist Nathan Hylden’s impressive first solo exhibition since he completed his MFA at Art Center in 2006. Hylden’s approach is minimalist in form, and he explores pattern, texture and color through a variety of media including slick paintings, sculpture and collage. All the pieces in the show are autonomous, yet they work together to create a larger narrative or dialogue. Polished aluminum sculptures painted with shiny black enamel literally reflect the black, white and red paintings, which refer in part to the black-and-white newspaper-print collages in the front room. The title of the show speaks to the interconnectedness of the works and how they relate to one another, where any piece is a potential point of departure.

7380 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles | (323) 965-5578 | | Through March 10

Aurie Ramirez at Jack Hanley GalleryAurie Ramirez’s fantastical and childlike watercolor drawings are of a recurring or related cast of characters that look like matryoshka dolls, Gothic Victorian cartoon characters, the rock band KISS or Peter Max psychedelic doodles. Ramirez has many of the symptoms associated with autism, such as speaking and writing in her own language, and since the 1980s has been working at the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland. The surreal elements in her work, such as a human figure with a clock face eating Swiss cheese, as well as the intense psychosexual content in some of her works, show a drive to communicate the complexities of her internal world. Each drawing feels like it has been rendered with extreme care as well as a schoolgirl’s flourish, and she has been doing this for more than 20 years. This show was curated by Matthew Higgs.

945 Sun Mun Way, Chinatown | (213) 626-0403 | | Through February 24

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