Must See Art

Markus Amm at David Kordansky Gallery

The London-based artist Markus Amm shows seven paintings and one sculpture that all focus on a kind of deconstructed geometry that echoes a surprising amalgam of sources — think Ellsworth Kelly minimalism, Kraftwerk industrial electronica and Bauhaus artist Josef Albers. What makes these paintings unique is their surface: newsprint, layered on canvas and then coated with enamel. The layering of paper plays with the slickness of the surface by giving it a feel of impermanence or decay. There is something both dark and delicate about these large works that keeps you thinking about them, and you really do have to see these in person to really get them.

510 Bernard St., Chinatown | (323) 222-1482 | | Through January 6

Sue Williams at Regen Projects

Sue Williams emerged in the 1980s as one of the only women painters at the time dealing with issues of feminism, politics, gender and sexuality in her work. These new paintings (all titled Democratization followed by a number) seem to be influenced by the appalling and depressing reality of our current administration, the war and general apocalypse. Figurative images melt in and out of abstraction and explode into dense patterns where there is little uncovered space. Body parts like intestines, organs and genitals are intertwined, illustrating a dysfunctional system where over and over there are assholes literally being screwed. These new works are a return to Williams’ more intricate early paintings, stepping away from the more abstract works with the larger brush stroke she has shown in recent years.

633 N. Almont Dr., West Hollywood | (310) 276-5424 | | Through January 13

Sue Williams, Democratization #2 (2006)Courtesy Sue Williams / Regen projects


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