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JP Munro’s The Marseillaise at China Art Objects Galleries

JP Munro morphs history and mythology, reconstructing ancient narratives while embodying them with gore and Dionysian vision. His style calls to mind such greats as Gustav Moreau and Delacroix, but Munro isn’t necessarily tied to historical accuracy, he’s just inspired by it. The Marseillaise is a large-scale work, about 12 feet, and takes up an entire wall of the gallery. Painted in autumnal hues of orange and red, a nude procession or possible pre-battle scene depicts men, women, horses and serpents. This is not the first enormous work of Munro’s, and at this size it does not lack any of the scrupulous detail of his smaller paintings, or the psychedelic quality of the pen and ink drawings also in the show.

933 Chung King Road, Chinatown | | (213) 613-0384 | Through December 23

Thomas Demand at Regen ProjectsThis is the last week to see German photographer Thomas Demand’s new work. In his signature style, Demand builds hypermeticulous paper and cardboard models based on existing photographs and which are often loaded with historical or political connotations. He then photographs these paper replicas and destroys the original models once he has created the image. The photo itself becomes the only evidence. Grotto, which depicts the interior of cave, is in fact thousands of pieces of cardboard sculpted by the artist. From a distance we are convinced the photographs are of architectural or natural elements, but up close we become aware that they are artificial. Demand toys with our perceptions through a labored practice and forces us to question the way we look at images and process their content.

633 N. Almont Drive, L.A. | | (310) 276-5424 | Through November 25


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