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Michele O’Marah shows her new single-channel video made in collaboration with David Jones (who wrote the screenplay) and artist Tim Jackson (who was responsible for the special effects). Faustus’ Children is loosely based on The Secret History, Donna Tartt’s best-selling book from the early ’90s, Whit Stillman’s film Metropolitan and Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope. The narrative follows a group of privileged socialites to a cabin in the woods after they have plotted and committed a murder. A supernatural force comes to avenge the death of their victim, and each conspirator faces a brutal end. Both sets were handcrafted by O’Marah and include a forest of papier-mâché trees, a fireplace, and a cabin’s interior with a wall of sculpted taxidermylike heads. The special effects and painterly sets make for a disquieting effect, once captured on tape, and add to the overall “horror.” The cast includes local writers, artists, artsy types and even a fashion designer, all of whom are nonactors. The indoor and outdoor sets, as well as portraits of each character, are included in the installation.

437 Gin Ling Way, L.A. | (213) 628-7000 |


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