Must See Art

Few works really stand out in the second part of the two-part exhibition of work from nine Southern California MFA programs, but some that knocked my socks off were the quilted-fabric wall pieces by Stephen J. Remington from UCSD. Kristin Beinner James, from Art Center, shows three photos of simple landscapes created with what looks like wax paper, laundry detergent or powdered pigment. After an inundation of large mounted prints, her ink-jet and light-jet prints are refreshingly and appropriately small in scale. And it’s all you can do to hold back from running your fingers across her single painting, untreated linen dotted by a bright-orange pigment and called Visual Braille.

Shashana Jaffe Chittle’s untitled sculpture has an adolescent feel — it doesn’t feel completely realized yet — but it could mature into some great stuff. In her tower of dead flowers, Chittle (UCSD) conjures up all the feelings of romantic misery from an ’80s Smiths concert.

Something is also bubbling with Luke Turner from CalArts, who exhibits a couple of gorgeous C-prints (one of tagged dead yellow birds from a museum collection), but whose standout piece is a reprint of what appears to be the front page of a Middle Eastern newspaper, the photos of which have been replaced by huge blocks of color.
Also check out Emily Roysdon’s drawings, Max Maslansky’s Peter Doig/David Korty–esque paintings and Cathy Akers’ C-prints of women peeing.

4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles | | (323) 644-6269 | Through August 30


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