Massive Attack

Though mellow and midtempo compared with so much British dance music, trip-hop trailblazers Massive Attack can still bare teeth. The duo's dogged political engagement across their 25-year career (their Facebook page currently invites uncensored debate about Palestine) is a reminder that even eyes-closed, escapist and gently psychedelic electronic music needn't be shallow or hedonistic. Increasingly, MA are all about live performance; gaps between albums have consistently stretched, with seven years separating fourth full-length 100th Window and their most recent effort, 2010's decidedly grown-up, borderline Gothic Heligoland. Onstage, founding members 3D and Daddy G, plus a rotating cast of vocalists and touring band members, summon a throbbing, evolving avalanche of sensory-overload hip-hop, dub and soul sensations, enhanced with voluptuous visual interpretations and bold social commentary.
Thu., Oct. 16, 7 p.m., 2014 (Expired: 10/16/14)


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