A press release recently came across the GoLA desk: "For Immediate Release -- Matt Besser to break character record at the Comedy Death Ray." It's no joke. The esteemed comic performer is attempting an original character for 10 consecutive Tuesday night Comedy Death Ray shows. Is this Besser fellow crazy? LA WEEKLY: Why attempt a new character every week? Isn't that a bit ambitious? BESSER: Why climb a small hill when you can climb the tallest mountain in the world? These days I'm more interested in breaking records than I am in entertaining the audience. You claim "If any of my characters doesn't work, then the character won't count." What other characters haven't worked? How do you tell if they aren't working? When you fail to make an audience laugh then your character doesn't count. It will not be entered into the Sketch Character Library of Congress. If I don't believe in my heart that one of my characters doesn't deserve a three-picture deal, then I won't waste the audience's time. I'll be honest. One out of seven of my characters don't work. Some of my characters that haven't worked include: The MILF Man, Horseshack Rorschach, Troll Top Chef, Ghost of Jared from Subway Future, Fairy Insurance Pitchman, Steve Austin Powers, Obscure Dining Complaints Guy, and Roger the Registration Reptile. But then I'll create a rock-solid character like Gossip Squirrel, and it will make all the hard work pay off.  What characters of yours do you do when you're alone? Moe Howard.   Do any of them show up uninvited? Just your mama. Can you tell us about any new characters you will be trying out? Nazi David Blaine promises to stop hating Jews for 24 hours straight; Rumpelstiltskin orders a drink at Starbucks; and Gayngel the Gay Angel did not make the cut. I don't want to reveal any of my new characters because they could be stolen by my enemies like the Soviet alternative comedian, Ivan Krushnev. Ivan resents me because I have broken many of his comedy records like world's fastest joke and world's tallest joke. During this 10 weeks at CDR, I guarantee to break more of his records and bring comedy pride back to the USA. If you succeed, how will you celebrate? I would guess this will all end with a big hand shake from the King of Hollywood.
Tuesdays, 8:30 p.m. Starts: Feb. 8. Continues through April 12, 2011


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