Love It To Death!

Love It To Death!

After four hours at this afternoon's Billion Dollar Babes media/celebrity preview sample sale, I felt a bit like the Babes' patron saint Alice Cooper (whose Billion Dollar Babies tour from 1973 is now on DVD) in this picture: fiendishly clutching my precious things, with big dark circles under my eyes. Don't get me wrong: the sale was totally pleasant and friendly; more so, in fact, than I had any idea it would be. I fully expected to be titling this post "Welcome to my Nightmare," and writing about wanting to strangle some bimbo with a python over a silk chiffon top.     But as it turned out there were more than enough silk tops to go round, not to mention python accessories and wool blazers and cocktail dresses and cool jeans and sexy tees and eyewear and even vibrators...all at drastically reduced prices. It rocked.    The problem was me. And my greed. Ask Lina, she witnessed my shallow breath and flushed cheeks. I roamed the rooms, oohing over adorable paisley corduroy coats for toddlers, stroking cashmere scarves for men, thinking of the wonderful Christmas gifts I could buy. And in the end, everything I left with was ALL MINE.    In my defense I needed some basics: a black military-style coat with  gold buttons, chic black trousers by Petro Zillia, a gray swingy dress from Mon Petit Oiseau that could conceal an entire turkey, a black silk top with a crystal sunburst that admittedly isn't basic at all, and yellow Catherine Malandrino wedgies that are perfect for summer. I know, it's winter. Maybe I didn't exactly need those last two, but I'm a New Yorker, and it's really hard for us to resist a bargain. Impossible, evidently.     Which reminds me of another little item I may need to go back for tomorrow...yes, I did say need.


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