Less Jeff, More Green

"It used to be that people thought I was Norm from Cheers. Ten years ago everyone would say that to me. Then, in the last year, I was at a newsstand in Studio City, and I saw George Wendt. He said he had just gone on an audition, and they said they were looking for a Jeff Garlin type." So says once-portly actor-writer Jeff Garlin, best known for his role as Larry David's enabler on Curb Your Enthisiasm. Garlin's written a new book, My Footprint: Carrying The Weight of the World, about his attempt to lose weight while being environmentally conscious. He reads aand talks at Book Soup, and will appear latet this month (March 31) at a Writers' Bloc event with Bob Saget.
Tue., March 16, 7 p.m., 2010


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