Lauren Shera, Laleh

Lauren Shera’s new video is called “Hell’s Bells,” but the New York native isn’t some generic hellraiser looking for cheap attention. Instead, she sings the folk-pop ballad with a funereal grace, setting it aloft with a tremulous delicacy before the song surges with a mournful accompaniment of banjos and pedal steel. She describes her debut album, Gold and Rust, as a farewell to her longtime home in Northern California, and traces of Stevie Nicks linger in tracks such as “Light and Dust.” With Shera newly relocated to Nashville, one can only hope that the singer will retain her sense of place. Laleh Pourkarim’s life story is even more dramatic than her melancholy love songs. She and her family escaped from Iran and lived in refugee camps in various countries before alighting in Sweden, where she’s now a pop star. Laleh revives her self-titled 2005 debut EP in an acoustic set.
Wed., Jan. 21, 7 p.m., 2015 (Expired: 01/21/15)


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