LA's Meltdown Comics Brings the Party to Comic-Con with Nerd Prom 2099

Comic-Con, where even the bartenders can be geeky for a few days.

Liz OhanesianComic-Con, where even the bartenders can be geeky for a few days.

Just because you're nerdy enough to spend the bulk of your Thursday in line to get the goods on the upcoming Avatar film or blew your dinner money on a Darth Luke USB flash drive doesn't mean you don't know how to party. And so the folks at LA's mecca of comic book art, Meltdown, threw Nerd Prom 2099 -- a party where the geeks aren't necessarily the wallflowers.

Tux T-shirts, a staple of every retro nerd wardrobe.

Liz OhanesianTux T-shirts, a staple of every retro nerd wardrobe.

The special for this evening was the Nerd Prom Bomb, which I overheard people recommend during the course of the night.. Served by four-eyed, cape-crusading bartenders, the Nerd Prom Bomb mixes Tibetan tea and vodka served sake bomb style. It's a strange drink, but maybe that's kind of fitting.

Partying hard at Comic-Con

Liz OhanesianPartying hard at Comic-Con

We saw a small crew of people who had practically cosplayed their geekiness, wearing bow ties and horn-rimmed glasses in a costumed way, but even those who showed up in their ordinary con gear looked pretty far removed from what you would normally see in nightclub. Dancing with a backpack filled with electronic equipment and junk food may not be fun, but it can be done. Proving that the Comic-Con crowd isn't terribly different from the Hollywood crowd, Meltdown brought DJ Franki Chan to the party where he played the usual mix of Daft Punk and MGMT that still seems to pack dance floors. The crowd loved it, just like they loved those Nerd Prom Bombs.

Waiting for the perfect beat.

Liz OhanesianWaiting for the perfect beat.