L.A. Twestival: Social Media Party for Charity at Hollywood & Highland

GirlGamer's Mike Prasad throws up the hashtag

Josh "CuriousJosh" ReissGirlGamer's Mike Prasad throws up the hashtag

Turns out social-media geeks aren't so shy about socializing IRL.

L.A. Twestival, a charity event held Sunday night at Hollywood & Highland's Level 3 nightclub, brought together Twitter users for an in-real-life experience that shook out more like a cool-kids party than a geek meetup.

Are geeks the new cool kids?

@AVFlox: "Twitter has completely revolutionized my life. I will never again be stranded somewhere without a date when somebody doesn't show up. I will never again wonder where I should eat, or where I should take my cat if he should be deathly ill. It's amazing. I have a network of only 4,000 people but the reach is incredible. I've met so many people through Twitter that I would have never met otherwise. It's also amazing for dating. It's the best way to screen that was ever invented."

Mashable's Ben Parr & Barb Dybwad

Josh "CuriousJosh" ReissMashable's Ben Parr & Barb Dybwad

@TechFrog: "If somebody doesn't really know Twitter and just jumps in, they're not gonna get it. Until you're following a certain amount of people, it's just gonna be boring. There's a threshold you have to get to. It's like climbing the peak of a mountain. You're not gonna see the great view until you're there. It doesn't really take long to get there."

Erin Darling interviews Dr. Hollywood for TechZulu

Josh "CuriousJosh" ReissErin Darling interviews Dr. Hollywood for TechZulu

@TechBabe: "Twitter is what I do all day. I can't live without it. When Twitter's down and I get the damn fail whale, I go ballistic. It actually helps me through the day because I deal with a lot of idiots and crazy people, and it gives me a good break to vent. I don't ever say where it is that I work or who I'm actually venting about, but it's a good release. So I need it. Without it, I'd die."

Blogger AV Flox with Mashable's Ben Parr

Josh "CuriousJosh" ReissBlogger AV Flox with Mashable's Ben Parr

Twestival sprouted up in February 2009 as an online global fund-raising effort for clean-water project charity: Water. Twestivals then went local, around the world and benefiting charities specific to each city, with 200-plus cities in the mix. L.A. Twestival's charities of choice: Los Angeles Food Bank, who distribute food to the hungry, and Chrysalis, who help the homeless become self-sufficient.

Still don't get Twitter? Guess you're not gonna find out what L.A. Twestival hostess Fox 11's Suzanne Marques (@suzmarques) had for breakfast.

Dr. Hollywood live on stage at L.A. Twestival

Mike Prasad and tech scene photographer Marc Salsberry

Josh "CuriousJosh" ReissMike Prasad and tech scene photographer Marc Salsberry

Bridget O'Neill

Josh "CuriousJosh" ReissBridget O'Neill

Ben Parr, Derek Thomas, Barb Dybwad

Josh "CuriousJosh" ReissBen Parr, Derek Thomas, Barb Dybwad