Kerli and Chubby Bunny Launch The Bubble Bunny Contest for Fashion and Art Projects

Kerli at Chubby Bunny's "Bunnies and Bows" event at JapanLA
Kerli at Chubby Bunny's "Bunnies and Bows" event at JapanLA
Dianne Garcia

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Estonian singer Kerli, who topped Billboard's dance chart last week, has earned legions of fans across the globe, not just for her danceable pop songs, but also for her clever sense of style, which she calls "Bubble Goth." Recently, Kerli joined forces with Chubby Bunny founder Michelle Nguyen, who we covered last week. The result is The Bubble Bunny Contest.

From now until May 13, fans are asked to submit photos of any creative project that they think combines the styles of Kerli and Chubby Bubby. Guidelines are on Facebook.

Michelle Nguyen of Chubby Bunny at JapanLA
Michelle Nguyen of Chubby Bunny at JapanLA
Dianne Garcia

"We've made the contest very open on purpose so that those who just wanted to craft things or alter existing objects could submit whatever they wanted that they were inspired to make," says Nguyen. "Fans are free to submit works of art, DIY accessories, photos of themselves styled in 'Bubble Bunny,' fashion, take artistic photos, or anything they want!" 

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The two met when the singer attended several of Nguyen's Bubble Punch events. They eventually collaborated on a photo shoot for Chubby Bunny.

"The idea for a collaborative photoshoot and then a contest came about very organically because we're both interested in fashion and original DIY style," says Nguyen.

"It was fun to blend our styles and we thought it would be great if we could encourage fans of her and my style to do their own DIY projects too."

Prizes include items from Chubby Bunny and, as the Facebook page boasts, a special "one-of-a-kind DIY" gift from Kerli.

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