Jen Smith: LOL

Colorful hanging blankets with acronyms on them hang at angles or lay on mattress-high surfaces at Commonwealth & Council. Riot Grrrl originator Jen Smith made these, trying to condense difficult-to-articulate emotions into stand-ins, such as the overused "LOL." You have to navigate her blankets to get to the room-sized box artist Nicolas Grenier installed in the same gallery space. When you walk inside, you're confronted with a trio of highly systematic, orange and green paintings. Informed by urban planning and color coding, they look like graphics from a well-designed environmental report, and they nicely complement Smith's very different attempt to make a popular language work for her. 3006 W. Seventh St., Koreatown; through April 26. (213) 703-9077,
Wednesdays-Saturdays. Starts: April 5. Continues through April 26, 2014 (Expired: 04/26/14)


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