Like the surf films of Bruce Brown or the industrial dramas of Frederick Wiseman, the ski cinema of Warren Miller has for more than 60 years presented the skier in his element: wild, death-defying and at peace against a white and mountainous expanse. The latest offering from Warren Miller Entertainment, Wintervention, is yet another wildly popular, critic-proof compilation of footage of those who conquer the packed powder and make real sure they don't get eaten by the same tree monster that got Sonny Bono. Narrated by skiing legend Jonny Moseley -- the affably avuncular narration of Warren Miller is tied up in litigation -- and presented on the Alex Theatre's big screen in pulse-pounding high-definition, Wintervention is a stunning triptych through the snowy wilds of Antarctica, Canada, New Zealand and other places few dare to go -- and those who go have damned well earned the right to make that yellow snow!
Fri., Dec. 10, 8 p.m., 2010


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