In Da Club Belamar

In Da Club Belamar

My friend Anne was moving back to San Francisco from San Diego, and she wanted to spend one night in a swanky L.A. hotel by the beach. Only problem was, everything in Venice and Santa Monica was booked. I did a google search, and one of the options was the brand-new Belamar in Manhattan Beach, whose website showed portraits of chihuahas dressed like Charles Lindberg hanging in every room, and boasted the tagline "experience the fabulousness." She booked it, and invited me to experience it with her. As we followed the directions past office parks and fast food restaurants and strip mega malls I had my doubts about just how fabulous this place could possibly be.  But then we pulled into a driveway swarming with people and fancy black cars and spotlights everywhere. How fabulous! "There's some kind of a shoot going on," I observed like a true investigative journalist, and set out to find out what it was for.

In Da Club Belamar

"G-Unit video" I was told by a guy who did not want his picture taken. "Why don't you take a photo of these guys with the Ferrari? It's worth $200,000," he suggested, indicating three Jamaican fellows, who were happy to oblige. The guy in the yellow headwrap asked me for my number and I was trying to politely decline when my friend Anne came walking over. "What are you doing out here? It's crazy inside, you have to come in."

I walked into the lobby, letting Anne deal with check in, snapping as I went, and here's what the scene looked like...

In Da Club Belamar

Anne and I split the scene shortly after that, having our own agenda that did not involve pretending to party.Cheers, Anne! Southern California misses you already.

posted by Steffie

In Da Club Belamar

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