Ignite LA: Creating Your Own Destiny

We mentioned in the first post of our Ignite LA series that the speakers were asked to use 20 slides at 15-second intervals during their presentations. However, as Ignite LA organizer Michael Liskin said, "You can have a format, but certain situations call for breaking that format." And that's exactly what motivational poet Sekou Andrews did when he took the stage Monday night. Without any slides or talking points, Sekou spoke lyrically to the audience about his passion -- creating your own destiny.

Sekou has spoken
Sekou has spoken
Jim Alden - Techfrog

Ignite LA producer Heather Vescent admitted, "I kind of had negative feelings about spoken word, but Sekou's talk totally made me a do a 180." 

We didn't get a chance to speak with Sekou about his performance, but we do have this:

The show went to intermission right after Sekou's presentation. Michael said he didn't want anyone to have to follow the poet's act.

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