Hollywould Highs

Every two years, Freewaves raises its big, arty head and presents ambitious multilocation creative offerings of the global-art variety. No idea what that means? Try being Freewaves publicist Lynn Hasty. “Since there is a lot going on — both event/location-wise and theme/intention-wise — it is a complex festival for folks to quickly digest.” Fortunately, this year, the festival is streamlined, sticking to all things Tinseltown, calling itself Hollywould. There are five days, each with a theme, showcasing 160 experimental video and film works, Web sites and video billboards, all of them unconventional. Just go. Forty venues in Hollywood; Oct. 9-13. www.freewaves.org/hollywould.
Thu., Oct. 9; Fri., Oct. 10; Sat., Oct. 11; Sun., Oct. 12; Mon., Oct. 13, 2008


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