Friendly Fire:

MASK MAN: Someone’s been fooling with my mail — I know it. Someone’s fooling with my mail. Where is my "Thank You Mask Man"?

APOSTLE: There are no more "Thank You Mask Man"s; the messiah returned during the night.

MASK MAN: The messiah? What does that have to do with me?

APOSTLE: Well you see, men like yourself, you thrived upon the continuance of segregation, violence and disease. Now the messiah’s returned, all is pure — you’re in the shithouse.

MASK MAN: Well then I’ll make trouble. Because I’m geared for it. And I must have a Thank You, Mask Man.

— from Thank You Mask Man, a short animated film by Lenny Bruce and John Magnuson.

left: Murrah Federal Building demolition (

center: Kermit the Frog interview and flashback (

right: Scuds (

bottom: The Police’s "Next to You" (

Serving suggestion: Download and open all files in a QuickTime program. Resize video to taste; disable sound on left and right, set all files to LOOP (Control- or Command-L, generally), crank up sound on center and bottom and PLAY ALL as one event.


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