Fireball Ministry

After a seemingly endless absence from local stages, Fireball Ministry finally return to their hometown to save what’s left of our souls. Of course, such salvation comes by way of thunderous Black Sabbath–style riffs, lead singer/guitarist James A. Rota II’s surly howling and the twin-guitar attack of Rota and Emily Burton, not via prayers and sermons. It’s been more than four years since these metallurgists released their fifth full-length album, the self-titled Fireball Ministry, but in an era when so much heavy metal is about retro posturing and hollow-minded bluster, Fireball Ministry still crank out a fully satisfying sound that’s heavier than grunge and smarter than most hard rock.
Thu., Dec. 18, 8 p.m., 2014 (Expired: 12/18/14)


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