Feeling Up the Devil's Playground Wonderland Burlesque and Cabaret Show @ Bordello

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Before the Devil's Playground "Wonderland Burlesque and Cabaret Show" took center stage on Saturday, the near-capacity audience at Bordello was already getting randy. In one dimly-lit booth a blonde woman cozied up to her date's ear, nearly sucking his lobes right off. Nearby the affectionate couple, a Cleopatra-like beauty gyrated her hips to the loud club hits with no concern that she was the lone dancer in the bar.

The band the Red Light District opened for the pheromone-rising "Wonderland" with lead singer Juliette Angeli dedicating her first song "to all the dangerous women out there."  The whimsical Red Light District proved to be acceptable make-out music and with songs like "Lizard Girl" and "Handcuff King Death Defying Acts," the band set up a carnival-esque mood for the evening.

After the audience was encouraged to knock back a few more drinks, finally, the White Rabbit (a.k.a. the bodacious Smokin' Mary Jane) took center stage as her fur-lined cleavage welcomed the audience into the half-naked Alice in Wonderland-themed world of decadence. The first set opened with a sexy interpretation of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (Audrey Lux and Lucy Fur), the pair toyed with the audience by stripping each other's clothes off and revealing two sets of tassel-adorned twins.

Kitty Cadillac as the Cheshire Cat

Erin BroadleyKitty Cadillac as the Cheshire Cat

A bikini-clad Chesire Cat (the acrobatic Kitty Cadillac) followed. The Chesire hung on a striper pole with the dexterity of a genuine feline while wearing a gigantic Joker-like grin, her faux-mouth making her appear nearly as creepy-sexy as Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Next, the Queen of Hearts (Eliza Bane) and her jeweled pasties rose heartbeats and the sight of the bare-bottomed, bottle-drinkin' Mad Hatter (Courtney Cruz) erupted the audience's lust into overdrive; the already steamed up crowd almost ignited. A couple in the audience nearly undressed themselves and a number of touchy-feely date-goers scrambled outside to do the same. Too bad they missed the finale with Alice gone bad (Miss Mia Vixen) who pranced around with naked buttocks inscribed with "EAT ME" and exposed breasts revealing "DRINK ME." Yes, naughty Alice was the ideal nightcap for the evening. If Alice didn't spell out fetish, the ladies plan to bring fetish to a whole new level with their performance "FETISH GIRLS" slated for March 15th. No guarantees the show will prompt your date to undress you in public.

Miss Mia Vixen as Alice

Erin BroadleyMiss Mia Vixen as Alice