Dating According to Martini

Dating According to Martini

I ran into Martini (yes that's his name) at the Venice hangout "the otherroom" after the LA Weekly art show and party. Martini has written a book called "The Aussie Guide To Dating," which instructs non-Australians in the down under ways of getting it on. When I asked him for some pointers, he told me to buy the book. "Come on, I pleaded. Just one tip." Martini paused and said, "Think like a shark, go on your instinct, and be out for the kill. It's all in the attitude." Then as I was walking away he said, "oh and Koala's can have clymidia." I was sure I heard wrong. "I beg your pardon?" I asked. "It's true, " says Martini. "Koala's are the only animals that can carry an STD." I don't even want to know how THAT happened, but it does make me pretty skeptical about listening to an Aussie for dating advice...

Posted by Linda Immediato

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