Best Trading Up

There are more than enough stores catering to fickle fashionistas who want to purge last year’s dos-turned-don’ts for cash or trade, but some establishments are too picky or stingy, not to mention the fact that most younger buyers actually think of ’80s stuff as vintage. Scary. We’ve been having a bit more luck recycling our ill-advised purchases and grooved-out retro frocks outside of the Hollywood bubble lately, namely at the

Buffalo Exchange

in Sherman Oaks (

14621 Ventura Blvd., 818-783-3420). Not only does Buffalo take our cast-offs, but because the Hollywood hipster quotient is lower than at its La Brea store, we actually find new (well, new to us) stuff we want, like vampy Valley-girl staples such as velour loungewear from Juicy Couture and cutesy Paul Frank T’s featuring cartoon mascot Julius, the most sought-after monkey since Curious George, at less than half the retail tag.

For sounds, similarly great deals can always be found at Amoeba Music (6400 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323-245-6400). We always feel bad when bands/artists we know personally have the shame of being banished to the supercheap, can’t-give-it-away “buy-three-get-one-free” bins. We rarely feel remorse about our own trade-ins, however, since they’re usually promos from the likes of Hilary Duff (who actually had the number-one-selling release in the country when we brought it in — astounding). You’d expect the stereotypical record-store-clerk snobbery from a staff with this many tats and hair hues, but we’ve never dealt with it, not even when we bought George Michael’s Faith.


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