Beds That Follow You Around

Hell yeah! Sleeping bags that you can walk around in. We like these. You need never buy a bed again because your bed will follow you wherever you go. According to the blurb The Selk'bag is "a sleeping bag system which looks like a giant full body uni-garment. Stand without any trouble, walk, cross your arms and legs, and when you get tired, just roll over and sleep."

Beds That Follow You Around
Beds That Follow You Around

What a great idea - the only drawback is that in LA, you might get a bit sweaty walking around in one of these. It was a glorious 80 degrees today, in case you didn't notice, and likely to be 85 tomorrow, according to the Spanish woman in the elevator of my building.

Speaking of my building, it turns out that a new Wholefoods is set to open just around the corner from me, on Hollywood and St Andrew's. Will this infernal gentrification ever end? First it was Ralph's, now we've got Wholefoods onthe way. It won't be long before Gelson's start sniffing around, for the love of god. Someone should tell them - crack dealers don't like imported Dutch goat's cheese, kale and vegan lasagna...

Posted by Caroline Ryder

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