50 Craziest Occupy Movements of 2011

Occupy this...or that...or whatever you damn well please.
Occupy this...or that...or whatever you damn well please.
photo by Colin Young-Wolff

Twenty Eleven has been a year of occupies. Occupations. Occupitudes. You get the idea.

Sure, the Occupy Wall Street movement has only been around since September, but since then we've been occupying all manner of whatnot like there's no tomorrow (thanks to the Mayans, there actually might not be one in 2012). We've even been occupying all the bizarre intangibles that the internet and the clever asses behind it can come up with.

Here are the 50 craziest. If you make it to the end, there's a page you can lick that tastes like blue raspberry Kool-Aid.

Dancing at City Hall
Dancing at City Hall
Nanette Gonzales

50. Occupy Broadway

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"The Streets are Our Stage" boasted one sign. Yes. Yes they are. These thespians put on a chunk of street theater in support of the actual Occupy movement.

49. Occupy Law & Order

Because 99 percent of the police procedurals utilize a collective 1 percent of the national intellect.

48. Occupy Sesame Street

We're pretty sure all of that fur is billy-club proof, and that pepper spray is no match for those beady eyes...

47. Occupy IHOP

Join the fight against big breakfast? Ugh.

46. Occupy Boston Market

Some chubby kid...sitting there...until the Boston Bruins lost a game. Which they did. End of story.

45. Occupy Disney World / Land

"Because 99 percent of the fast passes go to 1 percent of the people..." or something like that. There's no shortage of Disney fanatics who would be willing to unnecessarily defend these causes.

44. Occupy Lego

This one's actually awesome.

43. Occupy Game Day

There's nothing more important than college football. 1% 99%...blah blah blah...go deep, touchdown, or whatever.

42. Occupy L.A. Live / Rose Parade / other L.A. hot spots

This one speaks for itself.

41. Occupy Christmas / Kwanzaa / Festivus / Hanukkah / Non-Sectarian Winter Light Holiday

You get the idea. Occupy those holidays...with multicultural vigor!

40. Occupy the North Pole

Santa is definitely the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent...but, like, he gives it all away...so why bother occupying his hometown? We suppose we'll never understand.

50 Craziest Occupy Movements of 2011
Nanette Gonzales

39. Occupy Naked Santas / Santacon

Stick it to...The Man...by being drunk, belligerent, and without clothing? We're not sure what message he's supposed to get with this one.

38. Occupy the Tundra

Because you've got to fight for your right to be in the middle of nowhere...

37. Occupy Skyrim

From what we've heard, after playing the video game Skyrim, it would be hard to occupy anything else but Skyrim. We know this one guy who hasn't seen the light of day since it came out.

36. Occupy Mordor

We're definitely sure that the Dark Lord does not respect your rights of habeas corpus...so you might not want to go the whole non-violent route here. Maybe bring an army...and some badass wizard of some kind?

35. Occupy Cybertron

Wasn't Cybertron destroyed? Sorry, nerds, did we miss something? Nice toys, though.

34. Occupy Arrakis

Because the House Harkonnen's anti-Atreides policies and their monopoly on Melange production....oh, wait, wrong forum. Yeah, it doesn't get nerdier than Dune references.

33. Occupy Poland, Germany, Sudatenland, etc etc.

...anything that mimics a post-1938 kind of situation. Frankly, anywhere once occupied by either the Nazis or red army just doesn't sound, um, kosher. How's about just Solidarity? That one worked really well.

32. Occupy Green / Red Chile

Heirloom peppers -- at least someone cares about them.

31. Occupy Cinefamily!

Ok, fine, they didn't call it an Occupy...but they had a 24hr telethon that might has well been one. Everyone from Stephin Merritt to Elliot Gould came by to help raise some funds. Oh, Jonathan Gold came by, too.

30. Occupy Curriculum

Someone's gotta explain this all to the kids, right?

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