10 Best Strip Clubs In Los Angeles

10 Best Strip Clubs In Los AngelesEXPAND
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Say what you will about strip clubs being dens of iniquity — dancers are basically small-business people who deserve our support. Guys and girls, gay and straight alike will find plenty of eye candy on our carefully curated list of the top ten best strip clubs in L.A., from the Sunset Strip to downtown.

10. The Gentleman’s Club (NUDE)
This recently remodeled Glendale grotto provides a chill and spacious place to experience fully unclothed jiggle and jive (you will get talked into some lap dances but you will more than likely not regret doing so). Find the online coupon for the $40 special for more guilt-free grinding. The silhouettes outside only hint at the visual delights within, and though it's near the railroad tracks on San Fernando Road, it is surprisingly clean and swanky, with a Euro-chateau décor, state of the art lighting and sound, ?big screen TVs showing sporting events, plus multiple lap-dance booths, VIP rooms, and a “champagne room” (though no real bubbly) for those Nomi Malone fantasy moments. 5175 W. San Fernando Road, Glendale.
(818) 552-3687, thegentlemensclub.net

9. Seventh Veil (NUDE)
Yes, the neon sign blinking outside of the Seventh Veil on Sunset served as the inspiration for the Mötley Crüe song "Girls, Girls, Girls," and you will still hear the horndoggy faux-metal classic there on the speakers … a lot. But don’t expect to see the caliber of dancers seen in the Crüe’s music video (which was filmed there) these days. In truth, the veil can be a sad place sometimes now that it’s not a rockstar haven, but its historical value alone is enough to make it a must visit. Two stages, private rooms for lap dances where touching is encouraged (especially if you’re female!) and gals of all shapes and ethnicities rocking hairless bods and the kinds of hair-dos that make sense on the Sunset Strip. There's nothing subtle under this veil. 7180 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, (323) 876-4761. facebook.com/Seventh-Veil-148458818521514.

8. Crazy Girls (BIKINI)
Like the Veil, it’s impossible to compile a strip club list without including this Hollywood hottie hub. Crazy Girls is a Lucite-heel humdinger, but it’s more of a dive and that’s why we like it. The lights and stage here are like something out of a Tarantino flick, but don't expect anything too dangerous to go down (or anyone to) at Crazy Girls. It's been a bikini bar (no nudity) for years, though the get-ups are teeny-weeny. All the better to show off the ample ink decorating the gals who gravitate to the stage here. Its locale (and popular live heavy metal nights) continue to attract a less aged-perv type and a more bodacious booze- and sex-seeking scenester crowd. 1433 N La Brea Ave., Hollywood. (323) 969-0055, crazygirlshw.com.

7. Dames & Games (TOPLESS)
Ballers and babes make for a winning combination at this topless sports bar, which features stage performances, lap dances and Hooters-esque waitresses in referee uniforms (fulfilling all your childhood Foot Locker fantasies). Along with the requisite pitchers and wings (try the Lemon Pepper ones), they’ve got great deals on steak ($2 on Tuesday) and burger deals during happy hour. It’s like a giant colorful and shockingly clean man cave on steroids (yes, that is a sport reference). Funny, even with all the boobs everywhere — propped up on servers and bared on stage — you’ll often see regulars more entranced by the plasma screens than the ladies. Just like at home … sigh. Free admission with a Yelp check-in. 2319 E. Washington Blvd., downtown. (323) 589-2220, damesngames.net.

6. Cheetahs (BIKINI)
Like a few other spots on this list, Cheetahs has a rock & roll feel (tattooed punkettes dance alongside more traditional beauties in outfits that go beyond the typical Hollywood Blvd. spandex fare). It’s non-generic atmosphere might have something to do with the locale (Silver Lake/Los Feliz, in the space that old-timers will be remember as The Shamrock, an Irish pub turned live rock venue). Inside, it looks nothing like its former self, with a runway, poles and provocative mood lighting. It makes for a cool backdrop to the grinding, twirling and crawling that happens on stage. Like Crazy Girls, bands started playing here on certain nights, but it didn’t last and it didn’t need to. Convenient location and parking, dynamic dancers and a good DJ keep Cheetah’s no frills and fierce. 4600 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz. (323) 660-6733, cheetahsclubhollywood.com.

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