10 Best L.A. Places for Studying

They say the Big Apple never sleeps, but here in Los Angeles, they say we roll out of bed at 10 a.m., set out a breakfast of kale and cold-pressed juice, then take out the dog for a hike at Runyon before we even get to work.

Ask the students of colleges and universities like UCLA, USC, Caltech, Pepperdine, Occidental, LMU, CSU Northridge and many others, and they'll be the first to tell you stereotypes are just that. These are Angelenos who know the meaning of work, cranking out essay pages well into third-shift hours.

With finals time for many of these students upon us, here are the ten best places to plug in, sip a strong cup of joe, have a nosh and focus, from a socialist café to an enchanted back-room forest to the luxury coffee shops of Koreatown.

10 Best L.A. Places for Studying
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10. Silverlake Reservoir

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What sounds better than getting a tan while you crank out that essay? In the hills of Silver Lake you'll find a public park long known by locals to be among the most relaxing outdoor areas around. A typical weekend in Silverlake Meadow includes families on playdates, kids drinking wine and portraitists taking oil to canvas in the rolling grass, all overlooking the calming water of the reservoir. If you have to read hundreds of pages in a day and can't risk the temptation of an available Wi-Fi signal, why not lay back on a blanket or under a tree in the meadow and live out a fantasy only possible on our temperate shores? After all, kids on the East Coast are cooped up in libraries this time of year. It's 70 degrees out, there's nary a cloud in the sky, and a light breeze is a much healthier energy boost than any caffeinated soda concoction. When you head home for winter break, that healthy glow in your cheeks will say it for you: going to college in LA has it perks. Silver Lake Blvd., Silver Lake.

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9. Café Tomo

House-roasted coffees, Spanish lattes, the renowned Tomo latte with condensed milk and fresh-baked pretzels -- Café Tomo, off Sawtelle and Mississippi near Rancho Park, will blow your socks off with great food and drinks and its cute, relaxing environment. Parking is sparse, but Tomo offers cheap valet. Long wood tables and the smell of fresh-roasted beans inside will impart a buzz long before you sip their hand-crafted lattes. Plus, the trained baristas will create works of art in your foam, and if a cute teddy bear in your mug doesn't brighten your day, what will? 11309 Mississippi Ave., Sawtelle.

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